Zapco DSP-Z8

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Zapco recognized early on the value of digital processing for the car and while others were just talking about digital processing, Zapco was doing it.

The DSP-Z8 is designed to apply the minimum amount of processing needed to your signal to put you front and center in the sound stage and to correct for the frequency imbalances of the automotive environment.
The Zapco Digital Programming Network GUI is how you control the processing of the DSP-Z8.

The DSP-Z8 gives you full control of the crossovers, parametric equalization, signal delay of each channel and also some custom tuning tools like enhanced phase control, channel muting, and more. Keep in mind though, that this is really not a do-it-yourself product.

Proper tuning of a sound system is part science and part art. On the science side, your installer will have a Real Time Analyzer, an oscilloscope, a phase tester and other tools to help him get the most out of the processing abilities of the DSP-Z8.

On the art side, he has likely spent hundreds of hours listening to sound systems and studying staging and tonal balance so he can bring the live music experience to your car. We highly recommend that you have an experienced professional install your DSP-Z8 and tune your system with Zapco Digital Programming.

Features and Functions

  • Speaker level inputs up to 26 Volts RMS
  • Channel Summing to combine active signal ranges to a single full range signal
  • Voltage Sensitive EQ Band/Ch to correct factory active Equalization
  • Adjustment by channel or by channel pair
  • 10 bands parametric equalization for each Channel
  • Choose a frequency or type in your own
  • Adjustable Q 0.5 to 10 • ± 15dB adjustment each band
  • Digital Electronic Crossover for each output ch - HP/LP/BP/Full Range selectable, 6dB to 36dB/Oct. slopes
  • Butterworth or Linkwitz / Riley design
  • Time Delay for each output channel to .01mm or =3mm
  • Voltage sensitive EQ band lets you compensate for OEM equalized systems
  • Phase control in steps at 0°, 45°, 90°, and 180°
  • Muting by Channel or Channel pair
  • Isolate the channel you are working with and turn the rest off


  • Accepts from .5 to 26 volts
  • TosLink SPDIF Optical Input
  • Cirrus Logic CS4271 DAC
  • ST Micro STA308A Audio DSP
  • 8-Ch. Output at 6 volts
  • Dimensions in mm: 165(W) x 60(H) x 252(L)